Real-World experience at Flinders University

Written by Tom

People choose to go to university to study many different things, and with different motivations and dreams. It is important that all university students graduate with practical skills and experience to take into life and the workplace.

I am weeks away from finishing Law and International Relations at Flinders University. From my very first year I was able to incorporate on-the-job training into my study. Through the Flinders Careers and Employer Liaison Centre, I was able to link up with a community legal centre and see the law be applied to real life legal situations. This experience introduced me to members of the profession and I began building networks in the legal community, which lead me to working in law firms across Adelaide. I also had the chance to work in firms interstate and overseas. I witnessed court hearings; assisted in understanding, preparing and disputing legal documents; I met and interviewed clients; and I learnt the crucial skills of being a lawyer. This was all done as part of my university studies.

My opportunities at Flinders didn’t stop there. I was able to build upon my skills learnt in class by participating in university competitions. I took part in the Flinders Law Students’ Association First Year Moot (mock trials), as well as the Client Interview Competition, taking out the top prize. I have also been involved in a variety of other legal skill competitions, such as negotiation, and witness examination.

Outside of time spent at university, there is plenty of opportunity to get further involved in your field during the holidays. As a law student, I took part in legal clerkships where law firms bring on students during the break to give them a full-time experience of being a lawyer. Many employers take this opportunity to take their pick of the next crop of talent coming through the ranks. This is another opportunity to hone skills, and build real-world experience.

I’m looking forward to my last few weeks at Flinders University, and am excited that I have a job lined up ready to start in law. My many experiences at Flinders have made me feel as prepared as possible starting my career post-uni.

While I have discussed my experiences in law, all areas of study at Flinders provide the opportunity to gain on-the-job experience and to get involved in your field of interest.

Some of you may have completed work experience through school this year or in previous years. This is a great starting point to build your work skills. Keep looking for opportunities to get experience. Whether it’s through school, paid work, or volunteer work – everything helps in the long run to give yourself the best chances possible in your future. Good luck for the rest of the year!


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