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Hello, for those of you who didn’t read my article above, my name is Joshua and I am a second-year student studying the Bachelor of Nursing (Pre-Registration) at Flinders University. Nursing is nothing like I thought it would be when I started. In fact, it’s even better than I could have ever imagined. Nursing is more than just about caring for someone, it is about advocating for those who are vulnerable, sick and need support. Nursing is a rewarding career; I do what I do because I find happiness and joy through helping others in need from infants to the elderly. The great thing about Nursing is its dynamic areas you can work; I plan to become an Emergency Nurse through a postgraduate degree at Flinders. Eventually, I plan to complete a masters and become a Nurse Practitioner. This is just one of many career paths I can pursue into the future.


Nursing has changed in this generation, especially the way that the training is undertaken. Once upon a time, all Nurses were trained in hospitals, not at university. In today’s world, Nurses are required to complete a degree that teaches more knowledge in pathophysiology, anatomy, pharmacokinetics and so much more. As well as theory learning at uni, we also undertake extensive clinical skills practice in Flinders’ state of the art nursing/midwifery training facilities. I am also required to complete placements where I go and work in a clinical environment and learn how to apply my knowledge from my classes. I am currently on a four-week placement and have found that all the clinical skills, reasoning and theories that I learnt in the classroom has helped me to practice in the workplace with confidence and professionalism.


To meet the requirements to be a Registered Nurse at the end of my degree, I will need to have completed 800 hours of clinical placement that is all supplied and assigned by Flinders University. This supervised learning experience will ensure that I can graduate with the knowledge, experience, expertise and confidence I need to practice as a health care practitioner in a clinical environment.


If you are looking at studying Nursing, I encourage you to consider Flinders. I have learnt so much about how to truly care for someone, and how to effectively communicate, rationalise, and perform clinical skills with confidence. During my study at Flinders, I have made many new friends with people I can truly relate to as we all share a passion for what we do.


If you are someone who enjoys helping and caring for others in need, I encourage you to research what Flinders can offer you as a Nursing student.

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