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The choice of university for Flinders Law student Brayden Mann was not a simple one. A key consideration was that Flinders is the only South Australian university (and one of very few nationally) to offer a Bachelor of  Laws and Legal Practice degree that fulfils  both the academic and the practical legal skills requirements, which allows graduates to apply directly for admission, without the need for further study.

“The sense of community and support at Flinders Law is second to none. The lecturers and academics are passionate, experienced, immensely supportive and caring.

On my first day at the ‘New in Law’ program I was introduced to my law mentor. Every first-year law student is assigned a more senior law student as their mentor.”

In his first year, Brayden undertook a placement program at the Flinders Legal Advice Clinic (FLAC).

“I got to suit up, attend real client interviews and help create case files. Later in the degree, students have the opportunity to do FLAC placement where they work on real cases with real clients.”

We are constantly told that employers want employees with practical skills. Flinders Law has given Brayden those skills and the ability to apply them.

“Throughout my degree I have been developing a 21st Century mindset. While I am yet to decide on my career path, I want to keep my options open. Flinders Law allows me to do that.

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