Flinders Foundation Studies Students: Which degree is for me?

How do I decide what to study at Flinders University on completion of the Flinders Foundation Studies Program?

Research is key in establishing if you will enjoy the content of a degree.

We have created a checklist to help you with this process.

1) Check which degrees have guaranteed entry on completion of the Foundation Studies Program

2) Go to flinders.edu.au/study

    • If you know what you want to study ‘Search for courses’
    • If you don’t know ‘Explore our study areas’
    • Click on ‘undergraduate’ and select a degree

3) Once you have identified a degree you wish to explore:

    • Check the Fast Facts (e.g. are there prerequisites/assumed knowledge, can you study part-time, how many years is the degree)
    • ‘Your career’ provides potential occupations and employers
    • Check the ‘Program of study’ under ‘What you will study’:
      • See the topics that make up the degree (sometimes many topics are listed from which you need to select from, sometimes you have the options of a stream or major, just explore and you can always come and chat to us if you have any questions)
      • Click on a topic to access a description, contact times and the semester in which this topic is offered

How to apply

Foundation Studies students are able to apply to most of the degrees offered at Flinders through Internal Transfer.

Through Internal Transfer

  1. Check if your degree is offered through Internal Transfer
  2. Go to your Student Information System via the Okta dashboard
  3. Follow the How to Apply instructions
  4. Enter 2 preferences, listing the courses in order of preference. We recommend you include a guaranteed degree as your lower preference.
  5. Application is free

Note: if you are not admitted into one or both of the courses you have applied for, you can submit another internal transfer application to be considered for another course (be aware it may take some time for your application to be considered).

Through SATAC (South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre)

Applications lodged after 2 December 2019 are not guaranteed equal consideration for selection.

If your course is not available through Internal Transfer, you will need to lodge an application through SATAC.

  1. Check if your degree is only available through a SATAC application
  2. Go to SATAC
  3. Check applications are still open for your course
  4. Click on Apply for Courses
  5. Add up to 6 preferences, listing the courses in order of preference
  6. Pay the late application fee

Ensure you add pathways degrees just in case you don’t get admitted to the course of your choice. This will allow you to study in a similar course and then use the grades you achieve to move into your preferred course (FlindersLink).

If you have questions or seek assistance, please contact us:

• Email:  askflinders@flinders.edu.au
• Phone: 1300 354 633 (option 1)
• Book a one-on-one appointment with a student advisor

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