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My name is Kane, and I’m in my third year studying at Flinders University. I am studying a combined degree in the Bachelor of Health Science (Health Management) and the Bachelor of Nursing.

Studying at University for me has been a great experience, and not only will I graduate with my two degrees, but I will leave University have developed life skills, such as building interpersonal relationships, coordinating and managing workloads, and a wide range of industry connections! When I started at University, I knew I was interested in healthcare, business, and the public sector; studying my combined degree, I am able to pursue my passion for healthcare through nursing, and my passions for public sector and business through health science and health management!

In the last 2 years, I’ve studied topics that cover a range of interests, from health promotion and education, to contemporary issues in health care management, such as hospital overcrowding and ambulance ramping. These topics have complimented my previous experience in emergency and public sector management I gained through volunteering with various emergency services. In my current study, this year I began the nursing component of my degree, and after one semester I have learnt a great amount of practical experience, and am eager to begin my placements, which will be starting shortly! Learning in the nursing simulation labs, using the exact resources and equipment I will in my future practice, has given me the confidence I need when I graduate to practice independently as a Registered Nurse!

What is it like in a regional area and how did it influence you?

Coming from a regional area, and having volunteered with emergency services in rural areas, I have developed a keen interest in rural and remote healthcare. I have been able to opt-in to undertake my nursing placements in rural locations, meaning I am able to gain experience in the future field I plan to work in! As well as these rural placements, I will also undertake metropolitan, and aged care placements, to ensure when I graduate I am fit to practice in all healthcare settings!

With the introduction of COViD restrictions affecting study at University, all of my classes were initially transitioned online. As Flinders has for a while now, offered a number of topics completely online, this transition to an online environment was surprisingly seamless, as we were able to utilise the online service collaborate for all of our online classes. My practical topics were put on hold, whilst the teaching team worked on rescheduling the practical sessions with bigger classrooms, to allow for appropriate social distancing. Quickly rescheduling these classes meant that the length of my degree wasn’t extended, that I will still graduate at the same time as I had planned for, and I still get to study topics that have face-to-face contact!

Moving forward, when I graduate I am looking to practice as a Registered Nurse in Paediatrics, and study a postgraduate degree in Emergency Management or Public Health, building on my past knowledge and experience in health management and nursing practice.

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