Why Law at Flinders University.

Hi, My name is Matilda, and I study Law here at Flinders University.

I’ve taken the time to let you know more about my experience in Law and the Law degree here at Flinders. I hope my experience is of some value to you as past students were for me.

Why did I decide to study Law at Flinders?

What drew me to studying law was my understanding of it being an essential element to finding justice and restoring peace. I simply wanted to learn and open career pathways concerning the law promoting peace and justice.

With this in mind, I began to research Universities and their law programs. I found out of all universities that Flinders was the best fit for me. What sealed the deal was the broad range of diverse and engaging course topics on offer and the firm mindset of Flinders Law. To equip students for the future Law industry in the Digital Age.

Studying a Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice at Flinders University gives me confidence, that upon completing my degree, I will enter the legal workforce with a skill set that will make me highly employable.

What were my career goals?

After graduating, I hope to work as a law and politics analyst. The big picture goal is to be in a role communicating honest and transparent information to the public concerning the relevant law and politics.

What has been my favourite learning/ university experience so far?

What makes my university experience is how Flinders Law tutors and lectures when teaching always prioritises creating a friendly and approachable learning environment. Firsthand as a student myself, this support has helped me feel comfortable expressing ideas and opinions in tutorials and lectures.

If you are interested in studying law, here’s what I can tell you. 

– You are not expected to know anything about the law going into your law degree! (Something I wish I knew.)

Don’t be worried about asking questions to lecturers or tutors, they like to know you are engaged.

– To go for it! Studying law has its challenges, but I have found studying law at Flinders to be super engaging and rewarding.

– Say hi to fellow students! I was not expecting much from the social side of law school, but I have definitely been pleasantly surprised. I have met some great friends and even mentors!  (That have even helped me land employment.)

– Get involved by attending Flinders Law Association events, they are organised by the law student body.

– Join the Flinders Law Association Facebook Page, students post regularly to this page, and it’s the best way to stay in the university loop.



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