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My name is Corey and I completed the Bachelor of Science (Biodiversity and Conservation) (Honours) at Flinders University. This course allowed me to develop and nurture a passion for the environment and the many organisms that co-exist within them. The teaching staff were passionate about their work, as well as their role in teaching new students and were always approachable and willing to help and answer questions.

Within my course I was provided with a range of opportunities to receive hands on experience that allowed me to apply the skills and knowledge I had gained. My favourite topic presented me with the opportunity to travel with a small group of students across the Ocean to South Africa. I was able to work within two National Park0s and assist with the maintenance and management of the land and animals. This not only allowed me to utilise my skills and knowledge but gain a broader prospective on how environmental issues can vary between different regions.

Because my time in South Africa was part of a university topic and counted towards my degree, when I returned to study in Australia, I had a lighter workload. The following semester I was able to complete three topics instead of the usual four which allowed me to recuperate and take up other opportunities.

This and my many other experiences have left me with a very positive experience during my time at Flinders and I believe they have left me well prepared for a career in environmental science. I am confident that I now have the skills necessary to make a positive contribution to both the community and the environment.

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