A Flinders University Optometry students day


My name is Roohsafa, and I am a first-year Bachelor of Medical Science (Vision Science) / Master of Optometry student here at Flinders University.

I previously completed another undergraduate degree prior to starting my current course. Having been at university for a few years now, I have had some time to adjust to university life and create a routine that works for me. A typical day for me this semester looks something like this:


Unlike many of my peers, I am not an early riser, so my day usually starts a little later than normal. However, I try to keep a consistent sleep schedule to gain the most out of my day. I typically wake up at 9 am and after having breakfast, I start working through practice problems from the week. During this time, I also go through my flashcards for each of my topics. One of the most important skills I learnt from my undergraduate degree is the use of the spaced repetition technique. This system has helped me retain large amounts of information over long periods of time and has been a life-saver during exams. There is a lot of information available about spaced repetition online, so I would suggest to anyone who is looking to improve their study efficiency to explore this technique.


The advantage of being at university is that students have the ability to create their own timetable. Most of my face-to-face classes begin around midday as this allows me to skip the early-morning traffic. The duration of my classes depends on the contact type. While tutorials and workshops are topically an hour long, most practical sessions run over three hours.
I have been lucky enough to get a casual job at the university so, during this semester, I had been working on campus a few times a week. In between my classes, I love hanging out with my friends in the plaza or near the lake. I tend to eat lunch from the many food outlets available around campus.


four days a week, I attend the gym after dinner. On my rest days, I love to go to the beach for an evening walk. As all my lectures are recorded, I spend a few hours going through them while making new notes/flashcards and revising the day’s content. If I have a class the next day, I also spend time preparing for that. In between my studies, I make it a priority to spend time with my family. Around 11 pm, I start winding down and get ready for bed. This almost always involves reading a book or watching Netflix.

While there is a lot of content to study in this degree, there are many opportunities to lead a balanced lifestyle. Taking the time to make a routine that works for you is essential, as well as looking after yourself.

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