Sarah Cohen-Woods Research Group profile

The growing team, led by Matthew Flinders Fellow Dr. Sarah Cohen-Woods, is comprised of one research assistant (Rachel Laattoe), two research PhD students (Tom Trebilco, Willa Song), one clinical Psychology PhD student (Natasha Wood), one Clinical Psychology Masters student (Tom Hagias), and three Honours students (Jade Bruggeling, Brock Harley, and Christie Kounnas). John Blines, the artist-in-residence at the FCIC, is also an integral member of the team.  John has facilitated Ethics in Art workshops for the group, and contributes invaluably to many scientific discussions by providing another perspective. The research in our group focuses on how established environmental risk factors (or protective factors) can impact both mental, and physical health outcomes. Currently our students are focusing on investigating genomic mechanisms by which childhood trauma may increase risk to schizophrenia, depression, developmental disorders, and infertility. Previous students have investigated genomic mechanisms by which yoga may protect against psychological distress, and we hope to extend our studies to outcomes of cancer in the near future.

Left to right: Sarah Cohen-Woods, Natasha Wood, Brock Harley, Christie Kounnas, Willa Song, John Blines, Rachel Laattoe.


Tom Trebilco (leftt), Tom Hagias (right)

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