Director’s Message

I was energised by the deliberations at the Retreat which will bed down a strong implementation pathway for the strategic development of the College.  This same strategy will inform our strategic development at FCIC, and I was inspired to see how the strategy focused on supporting people in making a positive impact on the communities we serve.  It really was about people, excellence and social mission!

On the 20th of August, I presented the outline of the future directions for FCIC to the FCIC Governance Committee representing the three partners and I look forward to communicating this to all of you through the meetings planned on the 27th, 28th and 29th .  We will hold a morning, lunch time and afternoon meeting hoping that the different times will allow all of you to attend. Please come along and share your views regarding what FCIC’s priorities should be.  The following week, on the 4th of September you will have a chance to see the breadth of research at FCIC as presented during our annual research week. Come along! You may discover new partnership opportunities and if you are a student presenting a poster, you may well score a prize!  It is also the 20th anniversary of the Department of Medical Oncology so there will be a bit of a celebration at the end…

But with celebrations, come farewells and this month we say goodbye to Amanda Shiell, the CEO of the Flinders Foundation. Amanda has been tireless in advocating for and supporting new initiatives at FCIC, especially the Wellness Centre. I am particularly grateful for her warm welcome to me in my new role and her unwavering commitment to FCIC.  We wish Amanda all the best in her future endeavours!  The Flinders Foundation team are of course continuing their fundraising work which will culminate in the Pink Yellow Blue Ball in October.  I hope to see you there!

As a finish off, a little game and a blast from the past that connects to another fundraising event that Flinders Foundation are supporting – the City to Bay Run in September. The Haem Team are running to support cancer research.  Will you be running? The picture below shows yours truly shortly after I arrived at Flinders in 1997 running the City to Bay as part of the Flinders Medical Centre (see the old logo).  And do you recognise the very dashing companions?  Send us an email if you recognise them!

Happy reading! Bogda


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