Improved communication possible due to fundraising efforts

Multidisciplinary team meetings are now standard practice in the management of cancer patients.  To allow pathologists to show relevant features of tumours during these meetings either photographs have to be taken and projected, or slides can be shown on a microscope with a video camera.  Photographs only show a single area,  but the new microscope with video camera can show any/all areas of a slide that are required.  Pathology can be shared, via videoconference and discussion, with other specialists such as radiologists.

Fundraisers in front of new microscopeFunds to purchase the microscope were raised by a group of friends – each closely affected by cancer – who hosted a “Live and Let Live” bush concert earlier in the year.

The group included patient Jurgen Ollwitz who has been treated for various cancers at Flinders over the past 32 years.

“I know everyone at Flinders by first name and they know me,” Jurgen, 60, says.

“They’ve treated me so wonderfully and I wanted to pay them back.

“My thinking is, if we give money and equipment to the right people, then one day the world might collectively get rid of this horrible disease which is affecting so many people.”

Charity group ‘The Grumpies’ also held a movie night to help raise funds for the equipment.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in fundraising for research or equipment at FCIC speak to the Flinders Foundation team on (08) 8204 5216 for more information.


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