NHMRC – e-ASIA Joint Research Program Grants

To be eligible to apply, a research project must consist of Australian researchers partnering with at least two research teams from two e-Asia partnering countries.

Further information on e-ASIA, including the timing and application process for the e-ASIA health call topics is available from the e-ASIA website: http://www.the-easia.org/jrp/.

Stage 1 – A letter of intent is to be provided to the e-ASIA Program Secretariat.

Stage 2 – Applications must be made to NHMRC’s Research Grant Management System (RGMS) and the e-ASIA Program Secretariat.


For more information on the mechanism and process for co-funding visit: http://www.the-easia.org/jrp/generaldescription.html

Participation in these international projects allows Australian researchers to engage with international researchers on projects. Applicants are required to outline the benefit of the research to Australia in their Research Proposal.


Opportunities for funding will be advertised as a Grant Opportunity on Grant Connect in January 2019.

Web Address:  https://nhmrc.gov.au/funding/fund-collaborative-health-research


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