FHMRI cancer grant development funding

Please continue to submit EOIs.  There is currently no closing date, and applications will be evaluated as they are received.

FHMRI cancer is looking to position itself more strategically for larger, capacity building grant opportunities. These include MRFF, NHMRC CRE, Synergy and Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies grants, but could include other opportunities as well (eg. Linkage with industry etc).

The FHMRI cancer Executive Committee is currently scoping the cancer research activity at Flinders to assess opportunities for developing competitive applications to these larger schemes. If you are considering a collaborative application (with other Flinders researchers/clinicians or external to Flinders), we would love to hear your ideas.

Do you excel in an area that is being targeted by MRFF? Do you have key collaborators who may come together for a Synergy or CRE proposal? Or other ideas at any stage of development?

If so, we want to hear about them.

Think outside the square – what will you target; who do you need on board; what is your strategy?

Start the ball rolling with $2,000 -6,000 that can be used to host a workshop with collaborators to develop a proposal or plan, engage consumers, develop key concept drafts, or another activity you identify.

To apply for funding, send a short Expression Of Interest outlining:

  1. Scheme(s) you want to target
  2. Area of research/topic
  3. Key focus of the application
  4. Collaborators, CIs, AIs who can answer the question with you
  5. Why you would be competitive
  6. How will the $2-6K be used.

Send a 1 page EOI to michelle.cox@flinders.edu.au

Why do this?

  • To get your ideas included in future strategic initiatives in FHMRI cancer
  • To enable FHMRI cancer to identify and support research development opportunities for you
  • To obtain financial support ($2-6K) for application development/planning.

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