Video Conferencing in meeting rooms

Video Conferences can be conducted from your mobile device or computer.  If you would like to use a meeting room to participate in a Zoom or Webex video conference, there are two rooms that have large screens and allow for social distancing of a number of in-room participants.  The Dean’s Conference room on level 6 FMC also supports Video Conferencing, but there are some sound quality issues currently (as of 17/3/20) so the below 2 options are recommended.

Name: Boardroom 3.33, CMPH

Location: Enter CMPH Operations office, door to the Boardroom is on the left.

Access: no special access is required.

Capacity with social distancing: 6-8 people.  Six within camera range, two out of camera range but able to be in room.

How to book room: Through Outlook.

  1. Start a meeting request for the time you want the room, ensuring you complete ‘Title’.
  2. Click ‘Location’ and select Room – U_HLTH_3.33_Meeting Room_20 .
  3. Once this room is highlighted click ‘Rooms’ then ‘OK’.
  4. Once you click ‘OK’ this location will also appear in ‘Required’ in the meeting request.
  5. If you are uncertain about what time you would like to book the room, click ‘Scheduling Assistant’ in the top menu at this point, to view current room bookings.
  6. Once you have confirmed the room is available at the selected time click ‘Send’.
  7. You will get an almost immediate automated response confirming the room is booked for you. If your booking clashes with a preexisting booking you will receive an email saying it was not possible to book at that time.
  8. The room booking will appear as a separate appointment entry in your Outlook calendar.
  9. You can cancel the room booking by entering the room booking appointment in your Outlook calendar & choosing ‘Cancel Meeting’, as you’d do when cancelling a meeting.


Name: Focus room 1, FCIC

Location: room 1L 165, level 1, FCIC.  This room is behind the Wellness Centre.  Please be aware when entering this area that some clinical services or research with participants may be underway in adjacent rooms.

Access: FCIC swipe card is required.

Capacity with social distancing: 3-4 people.

How to book room: email

(This may move to the Outlook system in the future, but currently please email Michelle directly as not everyone who uses this space is able to utilise Flinders University Outlook system).




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