NHMRC Postgraduate Scholarship – 2020

Currently Open

Closes – Wednesday, 8 July, 2020 (5pm EAST)

About the grant program

The Postgraduate Scholarship scheme provides funding for successful applicants to attain a research based postgraduate degree (Doctor of Philosophy or Research Masters degree).

The intended outcome of the Postgraduate Scholarship scheme is to build internationally competitive research capacity within Australia.

You must read through the NHMRC documents provided PRIOR to commencing an application.

The 2020 NHMRC Postgraduate Scholarship scheme are essential to your application and contains:

  • details on the sections of the Application and Profile & CV which need to be completed;
  • details on the information that needs to be provided in each question and
  • the formatting which must be used for

GrantConnect (www.grants.gov.au) is the authoritative source of information on this grant opportunity. Any alterations or addenda to these Guidelines will be published on GrantConnect.

If you are interested in this scheme please contact Rebecca Cook or Amanda Wright.

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