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Email sent to all staff 15/1/21

Dear Staff,

Over the next 3 years it will be necessary to increase parking prices at Bedford Park towards financial sustainability. All parking revenue is ringfenced and reinvested to maintain, operate and improve car parks and parking infrastructure. This includes significant enhancements such as the installation of electric vehicle charging points, the solar array over car park 3 which provides power and shaded parking, digital parking signage as well as ongoing maintenance requirements such as resurfacing, line marking and lighting. It also contributes to campus transport and walking paths, sustainability improvements and the University Campus Connector and Tonsley Link bus services.

The fees are structured to help you select the option that most suits your parking use.

Some other parking and public transport costs have been provided for your information:

  • Public transport – approximately $1300 per year based on 28-day metrocard
  • Adelaide University – $3,100 per year
  • UPark – between $3,500 – $4,000 per year

Parking options and prices 2021 – 2023


Staff parking options





Fortnightly salary sacrifice (payroll deduction before tax)





vPermits (credit card)


Half yearly (valid 1 January – 30 June each year)




Yearly (valid 1 January – 31 December each year)





Fortnight vPermit (credit card)





CellOPark casual PAYG (credit card)

Staff (per hour)




Staff daily cap




*pricing may be subject to future change

1.    Fortnightly salary sacrifice

For fixed term contract and ongoing staff, salary sacrifice is available and a set amount will be deducted via payroll each fortnight. This is an ongoing option and will be rolled over from year to year – there’s no need to renew. It also remains the simplest, best value (around $2.50 per day) and most convenient option.

2.    vPermits

Half yearly and yearly vPermits remain available and the cost will now be adjusted from the date of purchase.

3.    New fortnight staff vPermit

A new fortnight staff permit will be available in 2021 for staff who prefer a shorter-term permit option. This replaces the 30-day permit option and provides additional flexibility and control.

4.    CellOPark casual PAYG

The existing casual parking option via CellOPark for short term parking with an hourly cost and a fixed daily cap.

How to purchase parking

Purchase parking vPermits from Friday 15 January 2021 via the vPermit site through Okta. For step-by-step instructions on how to purchase casual parking via CellOPark visit flinders.edu.au/parking. When you purchase parking, it’s important to consider the right option for you.


Visit flinders.edu.au/parking for the full range of parking options and additional information. Or contact our customer service team via Service One.

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