We are looking for HDR and EMCA researchers across all themes to form a working party to deliver the expo

FHMRI/CMPH is holding an Innovation Expo (RED: InSTEP Research Education Development for Innovation, Scholarship, Translation, Entrepreneurship and Partnerships).

This event aims to provide researchers with a forum to:

  • come together with each other and with industry/external partners to create opportunities for collaboration
  • recruit Honours/HDR students

Our researchers will be showcasing their latest discoveries and innovations at booths through posters, digital media (short videos and 3MT thesis recordings) and interactive displays. Researchers will showcase their discoveries arising from existing external partnerships but do not need to have an external partnership to have a booth.

Examples of what booths/interactive displays could look like.

Researchers will engage with industry/external partners and other FHMRI researchers through:

  • panel discussions with industry/external partners
  • the opportunity to showcase your group’s research at a dedicated booth
  • through PhD student ambassadors who will introduce researchers to industry/external partners displays/booths.

Researchers will also be able to engage with prospective Honours and HDR students through showcasing their group’s research at a dedicated booth. Students will engage with booths through:

  • a “yellow brick road” passport with associated prize
  • supervisor handbook to complement the event
  • through PhD student ambassadors who will introduce students to groups at their displays/booths.

Prizes will also be awarded for:

  • best group booth
  • HDR prize (for movie and/or posters)
Example layout with booths grouped by themes and space for panel discussion.

We are looking for HDR and EMCA researchers across all themes to form a working party to deliver the expo. Working party members will need to be available for the first working party meeting, which will take place in the afternoon of the 16th of May.

There are seven roles available within the working party. In your EoI please indicate which roles you are interested in filling. If you have no preference, then please indicate this on the EoI.

  • Communications
    • Work with OCME and CMPH CoPs to ensure the event is promoted
  • Industry liaison
  • Sponsorships
  • Undergraduate (teaching staff)
  • Honours (teaching staff)
  • HDR student representative
    • connecting industry partners and students with researchers, will work to develop and coordinate HDR ambassadors on the day
  • CRC liaison
  • Visitor engagement
    • “Yellow brick Rd”-style path through events, activities
  • Logistics
    • Work with researchers to ensure booths and displays are engaging

We are expecting that the Expo will take place on the 31st of August 2022. Working party members are expected to attend approximately 4 meetings leading up to the expo as well as assisting in bumping in/bumping out on the day.

EoIs should contain:

  • FHMRI theme
  • If you are an EMCA or HDR
  • Which role(s) you are interested in filling

EoIs should be sent to charlotte.scobie@flinders.edu.au by c.o.b. on the 13th of May. For further information contact Charlotte or Briony Forbes briony.forbes@flinders.edu.au


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