2022 FHMRI Kickstart Grants: attention Early Career Researchers

The Kickstart grant program is dedicated research funding to support early career researchers across the Flinders footprint (both SA and NT-based) to build their research and enhance their track records. All eligible CMPH researchers are strongly encouraged to apply. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff, people identifying as women, those from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds, LGBTIQA+ staff, staff with disability and staff based in rural and remote areas are particularly encouraged to apply

Funding: applicants are able to seek up to a maximum of $25,000

Kickstart funds must be expended prior to 31 December 2023.

How to apply: ***Please apply to the Flinders Foundation Health Seed grant round***. Please use the Flinders Foundation Health Seed grant application and guidelines.

Please ensure you tick the ECR box.

Note: CIA must be an ECR. An ECR is defined as being no more than eight years from the date their PhD thesis was passed, unless they have had a career disruption (defined as a prolonged interruption to work due to pregnancy, major illness/injury or carer responsibilities). The career disruption extends the eight year limit commensurate with the period(s) of career disruption.

Your application will be assessed and ranked by the Flinders Foundation Health Seed Grant panel along with all other applications. The top-ranked applications will be funded through the Health Seed grant round. The ranked list of the remaining (unfunded) CMPH applications will be given to FHMRI and eligible Kickstart applications will be funded based on the ranking.

Applications close 5pm ACST, Friday 9 September 2022.

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