Hands-on lab experience fuels passion for STEM students


Six students in Years 10 and 11 from the Australian Science & Mathematics School completed their work experience within CMPH this week.

These students, who specialise in science and mathematics, had the unique opportunity to work in the Proteins in Metabolism and Cancer laboratory under the guidance of Allanah Merriman and the Forbes lab team. They engaged in hands-on experiments, honed their technical skills, and applied critical thinking to solve problems. Additionally, they enjoyed guided tours of the Flinders Microscopy and Microanalysis facility, Flinders Anatomy Museum, and Anatomical Pathology. During the week they had the chance to interact with accomplished FHMRI researchers, gaining valuable insights into research, study, and life.


“Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to work with you and gain insight into the world of research. This has been an amazing week.” – Aafreen, year 11

“I couldn’t thank you guys enough. You have lit up a spark inside me to go for more experiences.” – Aryan, year 10

The team extend thanks to Dr. Nicholas Eyre, Mr Les Scott, Ms Erin Simpson, and Miss Hazel Brouwer for their time and expertise. Further thanks to Dr Kelsi Dodds (2023-2024 Superstar of STEM), Dr Annabelle Small, Ms Jessica Chao, Mr Ali Habib and Ms Nadine Smith for the time, valuable knowledge and willingness to share not only their research but their educational journey.

Words by Allanah Merriman
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