RED Hub event empowers aspiring researchers at Flinders


RED (Research Education and Development) Hub’s 2023 research recruitment event “Got RESEARCH on your radar?” was hosted in Flinders Medical Centre on Wednesday 9 August.

This event united aspiring researchers with experienced supervisors, facilitating engagement in a wide array of health and medical research projects. From Discovery Biosciences intricacies to the practical applications of Clinical Translation and transformative Healthy Communities, attendees engaged in discussions tailored to their interests, potentially discovering future mentors. The event illuminated pathways to the rewarding field of health and medical research at Flinders, with insights into entry requirements, scholarships, and dialogues with current FHMRI scholars. The relaxed environment encouraged connections and knowledge sharing, supplemented by a complimentary pizza lunch, enhancing camaraderie and conversation. 

Organised under the guidance of Professor Briony Forbes and team, the event left an indelible mark on attendees, offering a dynamic platform for students to explore their research aspirations and connect with potential supervisors. 

“The key success factor was running straight after the BMS Careers Expo, so students that may not have considered research as an option were presented with a range of possible projects. We bought the research to them.” Professor Forbes reflected.  

This year’s event, held in a relaxed atmosphere, provided a gateway for students to glimpse the vast tapestry of research possibilities within the health and medical domain.  

“The event was casual, relaxed, and allowed students to look at and explore a range of research options without pressure. It only required 1.5 hours of their time to potentially impact what comes next in their story.” 

The connections forged and interactions sparked during the event hinted at the potential for future collaborations and partnerships. Attendees resonated with the interactive displays and tactile research installations, which provided a tangible connection to the groundbreaking research being discussed.  

As the FHMRI Research Training Event continues to evolve, Prof Forbes looks forward to the possibilities that lie ahead, including the transition to the new Health and Medical Research Building (HMRB) in 2024.  

“2024 will be even better! People are already feeding back feasible suggestions to enhance what worked well. We’ll be in the new HMRB.”  

With each year building upon the success of the last, the event promises to remain a beacon of inspiration and opportunity for aspiring researchers within the health and medical field. 

Learn more about how RED Hub is supporting researchers of Flinders Health and Medical Research Institute (FHMRI).

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