World premiere of new TV series shining a light on sleep health 

On Friday, March 1, North Adelaide’s Piccadilly Cinema buzzed with excitement as it hosted the premiere of a new three-part TV series, Australia’s Sleep Revolution with Dr Michael Mosley. This groundbreaking collaboration between Artemis Media, Flinders University, and SBS promises to shed new light on sleep health in the nation. 

The event drew a crowd of almost 150 attendees, including researchers and staff from Flinders University, series participants, members of the film crew and South Australian Film Corporation, and representatives from SBS and Artemis Media including Series Director Russell Vines, Producer Katherine Barrett, and Managing Director Celia Tait.  

Senior Sergeant Paul Kameniar, the Project Manager for South Australia Police’s Health and Wellbeing program added a unique perspective to the event. 


Flinders University played a significant role in the event, with President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Colin Stirling, Flinders Health and Medical Research Institute (FHMRI) Director Professor Billie Bonevski, Vice-President (Corporate Services) Mark Gregory and College of Medicine and Public Health Vice President and Executive Dean Jonathan Craig, in attendance alongside Matthew Flinders Professor Danny Eckert, the team from FHMRI Sleep Health and other members of the Flinders community.  

Guests indulged in choc tops and popcorn, contributing to the lively atmosphere filled with excitement and anticipation. Dr. Michael Mosley, the TV series host, initiated the screening with a heartfelt greeting, setting the stage for the screening of Episode One.  

As Australia’s Sleep Revolution gears up to make its debut on screens nationwide on March 6, it marks a significant milestone in the quest for better sleep health. With insights from pioneering research and captivating storytelling, this series is poised to ignite conversations and drive positive change in sleep science and beyond.  

Notably, it will also shine a spotlight on the impactful work conducted at Flinders Health and Medical Research Institute (FHMRI) and our dedicated Flinders Sleep Health Team. 


Episode one airs Wednesday 6 March.

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