Are you ready to take a wide view?

The Órama Institute for Mental Health and Wellbeing is currently seeking a world-class researcher to provide leadership and strategic direction to this newly created institute and contribute to transformative mental health research.

Órama is an ancient Greek term for “a wide view” and “vision”. The Órama Institute is committed to taking a wide view approach to mental health and wellbeing by combining the insights of people affected by mental health challenges with our network of researchers, clinicians, policy influencers and change makers.

The Institute maintains a multi-disciplinary approach, representing an unique blend of capabilities including psychology, education, social work and other allied health, social science, public health, health economics and applied neuroscience. Furthermore, research at Órama takes a whole-of-person approach, incorporating research at the brain and genetic level through to research around people’s experiences, health systems, service delivery models and educational or preventative science.

Órama is hosted by the College of Education, Psychology and Social Work at Flinders University, 10km from the CBD of Adelaide, in South Australia. Adelaide renowned for its world class wine, food, arts festivals and unique natural environment and voted by the Lonely Planet (Best in Travel 2014) as one of the top ten cities in the world.

Institute Director

The Institute Director will ensure that the strategic directives and initiatives of Órama are implemented, with the assistance of the Deputy Director, Institute Manager and Institute Executive. The Director will have a prominent role within the College of Education, Psychology and Social Work’s research leadership team. Furthermore, the Órama Director will be a Mathew Flinders Professor, holding an esteemed role within the Flinders University professoriate.

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