Book now for health and fitness assessments

Flinders University Sport & Fitness will be introducing a new initiative in 2019 – onsite Clinical Health and Fitness Assessments.

These tests will be conducted by qualified exercise sport scientists and exercise physiologists. Individual movement screening will be able to assess restrictions that may impact on everyday life, or to record physical performance combined with clinical health testing, cardiovascular fitness testing and strength testing that will provide an extensive and thorough insight to your total health.

The same qualified staff will then be able to assist clients with science-based advice and an exercise program that will help them get fitter and healthier, thereby lifting the ceiling on their capabilities.

Such a thorough assessment provides the perfect starting point for a tailored health and fitness program supported by informed coaching.

Assessments will be available from 7 January , but you can pre-book an appointment now by calling Flinders Sport & Fitness on 8201 2842.

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