Short course offer for researchers

Flinders University Library sponsors university-wide access to quantitative and qualitative online research methodology training delivered by the Center for the Advancement of Research Methods and Analysis (CARMA). This agreement allows researchers to take advantage of a 50% discount on a range of 20-hour live online courses, which prices each course at US$325 for students and US$425 for staff.

The following courses are available through the below CARMA website links:
14-17 June – Introduction to Qualitative Methods/Ethnography; Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis with R.
18-21 June – Introduction to Data Mining with R; Open Science and R: Principles and Practices.
6-10 July – Questionnaire Design; Advanced Data Analysis with R; Introduction to SEM; Grounded Theory Method and Analysis.
13-16 July – Introduction to Multilevel Analysis.
20-23 July – Introduction to Structural Equation Methods.
13-17 July – Introduction to Structural Equation Models; Advanced Data Analysis with R; Introduction to Research Methods:  Measurement, Design, and Analysis.
20-24 July – Crafting High Quality Qualitative Research via a Phronetic Iterative Approach.

These courses can be accessed in addition to 180 high-quality hour-long recorded lectures that are available free of charge for Flinders staff and students, addressing various aspects of undertaking research. A full list of lectures and information on how to register can be found on the CARMA website.

Questions about these research methodology training opportunities can be directed to a Statistical Consultant at Flinders University:

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