Fearlessly addressing digital health

Digital Health and Technology innovations are the focus for the third of our Fearless Conversations  – highlighting the most pressing issues facing our society in Flinders University’s 13-week series of public roundtable discussions.

For this live-streamed event on Wednesday 8th September at 10.30am, Flinders University Professor of Digital Health Systems Trish Williams will be joined by former global managing director for IBM Health Dr Terry Sweeney – now heading the $200 million Digital Health CRC innovation centre, based at the MIT Living Lab at Lot Fourteen – along with careapp founder and CEO Allison Nikula, and orthopaedic surgeon Dr Matthew Liptak.

The 45-minute event, hosted by The Advertiser senior journalist Brad Crouch, will also include health-related discussions about automation versus jobs, privacy, cybersecurity, ethics, opportunities in a COVID-19 affected world and vaccination manufacture.

Dr Sweeney says Digital technology is the right prescription for solving some of the world’s most pressing health challenges, while also stimulating the economy, creating jobs and attracting global talent to South Australia.

“In addition to solving problems, there’s a real opportunity to create a digital economy in health – the two things aren’t mutually exclusive,” Dr Sweeney says. “I think it’s important to have two sides of the coin – you can solve a problem like ramping with digital tools but at the same time do it in a way that creates an industry out of digital health.”

The Fearless Conversations are a 13-week campaign to bring together leading South Australian voices in roundtable discussions that aim to encourage people to share their thoughts, opinions and ideas on key growth areas, and embrace a fearless approach in creating solutions that will drive South Australia forward, both now and into the future.

You can watch the Fearless Conversation here.




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