Timetabling project moves to next stage

In 2020, Student Administration Services (SAS), in partnership with Information and Digital Services, launched a deep-dive analysis into the current timetabling process to identify and implement improvement opportunities as part of the Timetabling Project. The significant work done by this project ensured that work is undertaken to improve services and meet the University’s strategic goals.

The project recently concluded with the following outcomes:

  • Clear and visible policy
    • A new timetabling policy and supporting procedures drafted, in readiness for broader University consultation
    • Definitions of teaching activities as a component of the new framework drafted for further consideration and consultation
    • A Timetabling Implementation Working Group set up to implement the new timetabling policy and procedures, post project
  • Simpler data collection process
    • Core data needed for planning and timetabling identified and a simplified data collection process implemented
  • Roles and responsibilities identified
    • Roles and responsibilities for data collection and reviewing and signing off the draft timetable documented
  • Student communication updated
  • Information and guidance for staff
    • Information and guidance regarding timetabling processes available for staff, including the business process, roles and responsibilities, and frequently asked questions
  • Multiple business processes reviewed, and improvement opportunities identified

The Timetabling Project has been a very complex but successful initiative and the outcomes could not have been achieved without the close collaboration and strong engagement from all staff involved. Academic and professional staff from across colleges and portfolios participated in the project and provided valuable support in progressing the outcomes.

The Timetabling Implementation Working Group has been formed for a period of 12 months to support the implementation of the new Timetabling Policy and related procedures and continuous improvement of the timetabling processes.

The group will be chaired by the Senior Manager, Student Administration Services, and will include representation from across colleges and portfolios. More details about the working group will be available shortly.

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