Check your obligations under new staff policies

Updated Conflict of Interest and Close Personal Relationships policies are now in effect, having been approved after consultation with the University community.

The Conflict of Interest Policy requires individuals performing work on behalf of the University to – as far as possible – avoid conflicts of interest and actively assess their circumstances, interests and relationships for conflicts of interest.

If you believe you have an actual, potential or perceived conflict of interest, you must declare it and manage it in accordance with your manager/supervisor’s instructions. Refer to the policy for more information and for links to the Service One Conflict of Interest registration form.

Please note some of the updated requirements of the new policy, such as:

  • Declaring any foreign financial support, association with foreign-sponsored talent programs, affiliation with any foreign university, government, political party, state-owned enterprise, military and/or police organisation.
  • Declaring any employment other than with or for the University.
  • Declaring any gifts or benefits received or provided that exceeds $50, and seeking pre-approval for any gift or benefit that exceeds $250.

The Close Personal Relationships Policy sets out the University’s expectations and the obligations of staff in relation to close personal relationships between staff and other staff, and between staff and students. Please review the policy to understand your obligations. If you are in a close personal relationship with another staff member or student which may create an actual, potential or perceived conflict of interest, you must declare and manage the relationship in accordance with requirements of the Conflict of Interest Policy. In addition, the new policy:

  • Strongly discourages all romantic and sexual relationships between staff and students.
  • Specifically requires staff to take active steps to avoid any romantic or sexual relationship with students with whom they are teaching, supervising or otherwise engage in an academic manner.
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