Celebrating the stars of psychology

From 29 November to 5 December, Psychology Week acknowledges the benefits we receive from psychological knowledge in many settings – the workplace, classrooms, clinics and hospitals, training programs and sports.

Psychology is a diverse and interesting field that leads towards many different careers. In addition to working as psychologists, Flinders graduates also work in HR, community health, market research, consulting, training, employment consultancies, government agencies, and more.

Introducing some of our psychology stars…

Dr Kathina Ali

Dr Kathina Ali
Research Associate at Flinders University: 2021 Flinders Impact Seed Grant recipient

Kathina’s research focuses on investigating the mental health and wellbeing of vulnerable populations. She has a strong interest in eating disorders, developing new digital mental health programs, and is a certified trainer for the Be Well Plan.

“I’m proud to be part of an amazing team that cares about making a difference to people’s lives”Read more

PhD Candidate Jennifer (Yu-Tung) Sun (BA (Hons) ’19)

Jennifer (Yu-Tung) Sun (BA (Hons) ’19)

PhD Candidate

PhD Candidate Jennifer (Yu-Tung) Sun (BA (Hons) ’19) hopes to improve the lives of sufferers of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) through her current research, which aims to understand if increasing awareness of intrusive-related thoughts (unwanted thoughts that pop into our head) can benefit PTSD treatment outcomes.

“I’ve been enthusiastic for psychology since I was young. One of the reasons I love doing research in psychology is that it provides clinical implications, which potentially helps people understand pathology and improves treatment outcomes.” Read more

Phoebe Hocking (BPsych(Hons) ’19)

Phoebe Hocking (BPsych(Hons) ’19)

Master of Psychology (Clinical) student Phoebe Hocking has been working with the Women’s and Children’s Hospital Burn Service to implement measures for assessing the level of psychological care families require when their child has sustained a burn. She aims to help hospital staff identify individuals who may be at risk of ongoing distress after burns, so that adequate and timely support can be provided.

“If we can identify those individuals who are more likely to develop difficulties early on, then we can put interventions in place that minimise or even prevent the risk of developing persistent psychological difficulties.” Read more

Nicky Brand (BBehavSc ’99)

Nicky Brand (BBehavSc ’99)
General Manager at Marshman Foundation, Deputy Chair of Youth Opportunities, Principal at Brand New Insights.

Nicky Brand (BBehavSc ’99) always had a desire to help others. Since graduating she has managed programs which have reduced offending rates in high risk teens, engaged at risk teens back into education and are reducing mental health risk for young people.

“Even now, 20 years after graduating, I apply my learnings to my work. I research the psychological underpinnings for evidence-based program design in developing resilience for young people.” Read more

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