Help shape the future of learning at Flinders

All staff are invited to take part in the Flinders Learning Experience Conversation by Professor Romy Lawson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students), to help shape what learning at Flinders should look like in the future.

The process will examine how to build and enhance delivery of University curriculum, and how to create a point of difference for Flinders University. The aim of this broad conversation is to develop an agreed model and principles that align with University’s strategic aims, which can then be nuanced to suit specific courses and disciplines.

Conversations held over the next 12 weeks will initially focus on four themes, and these may alter as the discussion develops:

Get involved in the Conversations

There are three opportunities for staff to get involved in the conversation around the Flinders Learning Experience.

  1. Add your thoughts in a wordcloud. Go to and to comment on:
    • Future expectations around online learning and materials, by adding the code 2160 7006 (you can see how the cloud is progressing at
    • How we should think about real world learning experiences and connecting with industry, by adding the code 5107 9901 (you can see how the cloud is progressing at
    • What skills and perspectives our graduates should be part of what we teach, by adding the code 3637 3508 (you can see how the cloud is progressing at
    • How we might think differently about how we deliver courses, by adding the code 5764 0798 (you can see how the cloud is progressing at
  2. Come to a Strategic Conversation Workshop. These will be offered online and in person, focusing on individual themes or as a more general open conversation. You can register to attend a workshop here. This week’s workshops are:
    • Wednesday 6 April
      • 3-4pm (online): Real world
    • Thursday 7 April
      • 11.30am-12.30pm (online): Online quality
      • 3.30-4.30pm (Studio 2): Open – other themes
    • Friday 8 April
      • 11.30am-12.30pm (Health 1,04): Skills & Perspectives
      • 1-2pm (online): Delivery format
      • 2.30-3.30pm (Studio 2): Online quality
      • 3.30-4.30pm (Studio 2): Real world
  3. A survey will be launched soon for staff to make contributions.

These workshops will mark the first round of engagement. Once responses are received, suggestions and ideas will be circulated for feedback.

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