CRC-P Grants to progress your partnerships

The latest round of the Cooperative Research Centres Project (CRC-P) Grants are open, and assistance is available for anyone wanting to use this process for developing a new technology, product or service through forging partnerships between research and industry.

Three activities during April will help anyone considering placing a CRC-P Grant application, for this round or for the future:

CRC-P Grants Roundtable Session in Adelaide

The Roundtable Session from 9am to 10.30am on Tuesday 19 April will bring together an impressive panel with extensive experience in CRC-P Grants to talk about the application process and give tips and advice on how to prepare a successful application. Speakers for the Roundtable Session, being held in the Adelaide Health & Medical Sciences Building, Adelaide BioMed City, will include:

  • Prof Caroline McMillen, Chief Scientist of South Australia.
  • Prof Tim O’Meara, Government and Research Strategy Manager ANZ, Cytiva.
  • Dr Duncan Macinnis, Director Stakeholder Engagement New South Wales and ACT, MTPConnect.

This session will provide an opportunity for networking and also for one-on-one CRC-P consultations to discuss specific applications in detail. To RSVP for the Roundtable Session click on this link. 

CRC-P one-on-one Consultation Sessions

Consultation sessions being held on Tuesday 19 April will provide an opportunity to discuss proposed CRC-P projects and applications with Dr Duncan Macinnis, Director Stakeholder Engagement New South Wales and ACT, MTPConnect. Dr Macinnis has led MTPConnect’s engagement with companies on CRC-P applications and has reviewed more than 60 MTP sector applications, as well as providing feedback to AusIndustry as part of growth sector activities.

Consultation sessions on 19 April will run every 25 minutes between 11am-5pm. To book a consultation, click on this link.

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