Flinders stars among 40 Under 40 winners

The diverse and innovative work of Flinders University researchers and graduates features strongly in the 2022 InDaily annual 40 Under 40 Awards presented earlier this month.

The awards, presented in a ceremony held at Adelaide Oval on 9 June, celebrate the impact South Australia’s finest young business leaders have on shaping the future of our state.

The program recognises not only the personal determination and commercial drive of these leaders but also the philanthropic pursuits that balance these individuals’ professional achievements.

Two Flinders Health and Medical Research Institute researchers were recognised.

Dr Amal Osman for her work on the first ‘awake’ sleep apnoea test to quantify noisy snoring/breathing problems that affect at least one billion people worldwide. Her work paves the way for personalised treatments for a disorder that impacts health and personal relationships.

Dr Osman secured $1.1 million in funding from a leading pharmaceutical company as a result of one of her publications, which described a novel technique to assess airway collapsibility.

She was also the first to compare a new 10-minute test during wakefulness, with the more costly and time-consuming method to measure airway collapsibility during sleep.

Associate Professor Annabelle Wilson (BNutDiet(Hons) ‘07, PhD(HlthSc) ’12) was recognised for her work on Indigenous health.

“Through my research and leadership, I have disrupted and challenged current thinking about how non-Aboriginal health professionals work in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, specifically in nutrition and dietetics,” she says.

InDaily’s 40 Under 40 program is not only important for the individuals involved but is also really important for the state as a whole to showcase the amazingly successful and innovative young entrepreneurs living here.

Meanwhile, psychology researcher Dr Joep van Agteren received the 40 Under 40 Discovery Award (presented by Adelaide BioMed /CMAX).

SAHMRI-based Dr van Agteren is the co-lead for the Be Well Co, a commercial entity designed to commercialise seven years of wellbeing research conducted at SAHMRI and Flinders University. Dr van Agteren is also an Affiliate Member of the Flinders University Institute for Mental Health and Wellbeing (Órama), and works closely with Dr Dan Fassnacht and Dr Kathina Ali.

Flinders graduate Durkhanai Ayubi (BScMedChem ’07, BSc(Hons) ‘07), founder of the popular Parwana and Kutchi Deli Parwana, received the Social Impact Award.

Stephanie Lamont-Friedrich (BMedSc ’15, BBusTech ‘15), KPMG and Account Manager for SA Government and Energy and Natural Resources, won the ‘Game Changer’ Award.

Creative Anthony Robinson (BCreatArts(DigitalMedia) ‘19, BCreatArts(Hons) ‘21) made the list as co-founder of Golden Age Studios.

College of Science and Engineering adjunct Anita Nedosyko (BScMarBiol, BSc(MarineBiol)(Hons) ‘09) was acknowledged for her work with The Nature Conservancy Australia in South Australia.

The full list of InDaily’s 40 Under 40 winners can be read here.

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