Don’t let office equipment become a shocker

Staff are reminded to regularly inspect all electrical equipment for wear and damage – because damaged electrical equipment can result in electrical shock, causing serious harm or death.

Electrical cords, especially extension cords and laptop power cords often get damaged due to being regularly moved, dragged, wrapped up and stuffed into bags or office drawers, and can become dangerous.

Examples of a damaged laptop cord and plug found onsite at Flinders

Here are a few tips to stay electrically safe when using your office equipment:

  • Regularly check your cord – does it look OK? Check it is not damaged along the length of the cord, at the power pack or the plug.
  • Always switch off at the power point before either plugging or unplugging an electrical item.
  • Check the item has been tested, tagged and has a current testing date.
  • If the cord is new, check that it has a “new to service” tag.
  • Remove any damaged equipment immediately from use and, if possible, have a “danger tag” put on it.
  • Report electrical accidents (such as an electrical shock or burn) immediately to both your supervisor and the Work Health & Safety Unit.
  • Report all other electrical incidents to the Flinsafe site, and for any damaged electrical items via Service One.
  • Don’t reuse items until they have been repaired and have been re-tested by a qualified person, or wait until they are replaced.

If you need further information, please visit the University’s Electrical Safety Procedures webpage or contact the WHS Unit here –

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