Flinders’ RAP journey heads to the NT

The final RAP Co-Design Workshops for the next iteration of Flinders University’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) were held last week on Arrernte Country (Alice Springs) and Larrakia Country (Darwin).

These workshops provided useful insights and perspectives on specific rural and remote priorities that are relevant to staff and students in the Northern Territory. In particular, they emphasised the importance of connection for staff and students with the local communities and cultural immersion programs.

Dr Maree Meredith, Director of Poche Centre for Indigenous Health, spoke to the workshop participants about her work for the RAP award she won last year, while Poche Research Fellow Lorna Murakami-Gold shared about her work and leadership with the First Nations Research Collective initiative.

Senior Elders on Campus Uncle Dr Richard Fejo and Aunty Dr Pat Miller AO were in attendance at the workshops and provided valuable insights and shared their lived experience throughout both workshops.

Co-Chairs of the RAP Oversight Committee Associate Professor Simone Tur and Professor Jonathan Craig travelled from Kaurna Yarta to take part in the workshops and reiterated the value of the co-design process which offered the opportunity for diverse perspectives and voices to be heard.

“The RAP Co-Design Workshops in the Northern Territory highlighted the importance of connection and learning from Country, cultural immersion, and connecting students to Reconciliation,” said Professor Craig.

Thanks were also extended to Aunty Pat and Uncle Richie, whose contributions to the workshop reinforced their significant roles as cultural leaders within the University.

“A special thank you to Aunty Pat and Uncle Richie, who use their influence to remind us of the importance that good intentions and actions have for collective change,” said Associate Professor Tur.

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