Tune into Music for Health at FMC

Participation in the performing arts is strongly embedded in the culture of students within the College of Medicine and Public Health, particularly those enrolled in the Medicine and Clinical Science degrees. This includes organising and taking part in the Med Revue, Med Choir, fundraisers, social events and for a growing number of students, participating in the Music for Health elective that sits within the 2nd year Doctor of Medicine, Personal and Professional Development curriculum. The elective runs in collaboration with Arts in Health at FMC and involves the students performing for FMC patients, staff and visitors.

Speaking on their experiences of the the elective students said:

“I have had the privilege of being able to participate in the Music for Health elective during medical school. Music has always been an extremely important part of my life and I do really believe the cliché that music can transcend barriers. As such, being able to perform at FMC during my elective was an experience I treasure. It was great to collaborate with incredibly talented people and be able to pause our hectic lives and relax and share some fun and music with others. Huge thanks to Minjoo for organising these lunchtime concerts! If you hear music, come along to the courtyard for some good vibes.” – Angeline Seow, 3rd year Medical Student

“For years I’ve played as a cellist. Music has been a means of recovering after difficult days. The most satisfying element and what I’ve enjoy most is the amalgamation of all members of an orchestra contributing to a single tune. I have been part of the Australian Doctor’s Orchestra and Flinders Medical Student Society’s Med Revue during my time at FMC as a medical student. I am excited to have an opportunity to connect with FMC community by participating in these courtyard concerts, it is an exciting opportunity.” – Ramy Robin, 4th year Medical Student

After highlighting the benefit of these activities on student well-being and community building, medical student Minjoo Kwon has recently awarded a Student-led Project Grant from CMPH, allowing her to purchase a digital piano. The piano will be used across the broad range of music activities students engage in and is also now available for all members of CMPH to use by contacting Dr Amy Wyatt.

To celebrate the success of this grant, staff are invited to a series of lunchtime concerts to be held in the FMC courtyard (Level 2) on:

Wednesday 2 Nov, 12.30pm – 2pm
Thursday 3 Nov, 1pm – 2pm
Friday 4 Nov, 12.30pm – 2pm


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