A fearless investigation of illicit enterprises

It takes a fearless academic to enter the murky work of illegal drug trafficking, and the continuing Fearless Minds online interview series highlights a Flinders criminologist’s effort to investigate reasons why people get involved in such a dangerous pursuit.

Join criminologist and senior lecturer Dr R.V. Gundur for the latest Fearless Minds episode, as he shares the real stories behind the enterprises, gangs and people involved in America’s illicit drug trade.

For this special interview, Dr Gundur shares his experiences of travelling from the US-Mexico border to Phoenix, Arizona and then to Chicago, interviewing dozens of people involved in all sides of the drug scene, ranging from law enforcement personnel to street pushers and prison gang members.

Dr R.V. Gundur

In his new book Trying to Make It: The Enterprises, Gangs and People of the American Drug Trade, Dr Gundur examines the struggles facing people caught at the centre of the US drug trade and reports on their reasons for taking the path they’ve chosen.

You can check out this latest episode of Fearless Minds here.

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