All I want for Christmas is campus updates

Water outages will occur across Flinders’ main campus this weekend, while other works include power outage and overnight building closures at Sturt, impacts to pedestrian access at the Laneway, changes to room numbers in the Physical Sciences building – and be aware of a temporary closure of Sports Road in January 2023.

Main campus water outage on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 December

Maintenance works on water services will result in a water outage for buildings across North and South Ridge across the weekend of 17 and 18 December. The following services will be affected:

  • Tap water
  • Toilet flushing
  • Showers
  • Any equipment requiring water
  • Air conditioning
  • Humidifiers

Portable toilets will be available at the southern end of the Plaza and in front of the Sports Centre.

A second planned outage for the IST and Engineering buildings will occur on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 January 2023, and will impact the same services. Where possible, please avoid the campus at these times. Please note that these works will not impact fire services.

Power outage and overnight building closure at Sturt

Essential maintenance of the high voltage electricity system will occur across several buildings at Sturt campus from 10pm on Saturday 11 January to 6am on Sunday 12 January, 2023. For safety reasons, buildings will be closed and no access will be permitted. Lifts will be unavailable during this time. The power outage and overnight building closures will take place across:

  • Sturt buildings (north, south, east and west)
  • Sturt gym
  • Health 2 Go
  • Sturt Library
  • ASMS
  • Sturt car parks
  • Sturt oval lights
  • Daily Kitchen café (and ATMs)
  • Flinders Child Care Centre (Sturt House only)

Please ensure you save all work and shut down computers ahead of these times. If you have critical equipment or research requiring constant power supply or checking during the outages, please contact Craig Brown via email to discuss your requirements. For any other electrical queries, please contact the Electrical team via Service One. For any access queries please contact Security on 8201 2880.

Pedestrian impacts to Laneway Saturday 17 – Friday 23 December

Works to maintain the canopy over Flinders Laneway are taking place from Saturday 17 until Friday 23 December. During this time, pedestrian access may be impacted. Please follow directions of all signage in place.

Changes to room numbers in Physical Sciences

Due to a reconfiguration of some spaces in Physical Sciences, room numbers have been updated. In summary:

  • 001 replaces 0008
  • 003 replaces 0007
  • 004 replaces 0006
  • 005 replaces 0304

Woody weed removal

Works continue with woody weed removal contractors working next to Ring Road on Saturday 17 December, near the Humanities Building and car park 4. This work will be noisy at times. Please slow down in the area and follow any signage in place, particularly when workers are on-site.

Sports Road temporary road closure during January

Further infrastructure works during January will involve a temporary closure of Sports Road  rom Monday 9 January to Saturday 21 January 2023. There will be no access between University Drive and the roundabout on Sports Road during this period.

  • A traffic controller will be located at the Service Road and Flinders Drive T-junction at all times.
  • A traffic controller will be located at the intersection of University Drive and Flinders Drive between 6am and 6pm only, with appropriate signage in place outside these hours.
  • Where possible, traffic entering Flinders Drive will be diverted away from the T-junction and South Rd intersection to reduce the traffic flow.

From 9-13 January:

  • There will be changed traffic conditions at the roundabout, with additional traffic management in place at all times.
  • Access to all car parks will be maintained.
  • Sports Road will be closed.

From 14-21 January:

  • The roundabout will be open.
  • Access to all car parks will be maintained.
  • Sports Road will be closed.

Sewer works this week

Sewer works continue, which will prevent access into Biology Road from Wednesday 14 December to Friday 16 December. A small number of car parks will be unavailable in car park 1 during this time and traffic exiting the top level of car park 1 will be left turn only. The middle and lower levels of car park 1 remain unaffected.

BGL College Front Social Sciences South

While a mural is being painted outside the BGL College front, alternative access will be via the Law & Commerce lift and stairwell on level one, up to level two and follow the connecting walkway, or level one entrance points in Social Science South court yard.

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