Singapore food industry experts visit Flinders

 A delegation of 26 Singapore food industry experts – led by Dr Koh Poh Koon, Senior Minister of State, and funded by the Singapore Food Agency – recently visited Flinders University’s Science and Industry Learning Centre to learn about expanding aquaculture research.

The purpose of the delegation’s visit on June 28 was to gain a comprehensive understanding of Australia’s aquaculture legislation and to explore research opportunities related to environmental conservation and considerations in aquaculture and seafood production.

During their visit to South Australia, Flinders developed a program that closely aligns with the delegation’s specific interests. The delegation also visited Flinders’ Strategic Alliance partner SARDI for further information.

Other members of the Singapore Delegation included: Ms Adeline Aw (Divisional Director, Water and Food Policy), Mr Chan Hian Lim (Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Food Agency), Ms Melin Lim (Senior Director, Urban Food Solutions Division), Dr Jiang Jun Hui (Director, Aquaculture Department), Dr Jani Tanzil (Facility Director and Senior Research Fellow, National University of Singapore), Dr Patrick Martin (Associate Professor, Nanyang Technological University), plus nature groups Singapore Reefs and Friends of Marine Parks, with industry representatives Barramundi Group, Singapore Aquaculture Technology and Metropolitan Fisheries Group, and members of the print media.

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