Big wheels keep on turning

The ‘intriguing’ potential of self-repairing rubber has led a Flinders University-led organic chemistry research discovery into the top 10 sustainability projects compiled by European Rubber Journal […]

Principles for pandemic preparedness

With concerns about the resurgence of COVID-19 in Melbourne and Sydney, there are key steps Australian authorities have taken to raise preparedness levels. In an editorial […]

Concerns raised over hospital security

Security guards employed at hospitals may be ill-prepared to deal with Code Black situations where patients or visitors appear threatening or violent, says Flinders University Professor […]

Them bones, them bones ...

A newly described extinct family of giant wombat relatives, by UK and Australian researchers, has been made possible by a pioneering trip into outback South Australia […]

Funding for vital climate change research

A number of Flinders University Climate Response Seed Grant projects have started. The project summary and lead chief investigators from three colleges will help progress ongoing […]

Professor takes pregnancy health 'beyond'

Professor Claire Roberts, one of the newest Matthew Flinders Fellows to join our University, has brought the ‘Pregnancy Health and Beyond’ research team to Flinders. Professor […]

Paris on her way to Adelaide

Whyalla student Paris Pauling is one of 287 rural and regional students to receive a tertiary scholarship from the $1.1 million 2020 Bendigo and Adelaide Bank […]

Better insulin from sea snail model

Diabetes treatments could be improved following the development of a dramatically modified form of human insulin, called ‘Mini-Ins’, that successfully mimics the ultra-fast-acting properties of cone […]