In touch with... Gillian Dooley

This year has been a publishing bonanza for Dr Gillian Dooley, including The First Wave and a new book on Matthew Flinders’ celebrated feline. What is […]

Student Ideas Gateway goes live

The Student Ideas Gateway, a student initiative, enables students to provide their thoughts, improvements, ideas and critiques to Flinders University. Students have requested an avenue to provide their […]

Celebrating success

Digital illustration retains top 10 status, new blog on autism, defence showcased in Paris, ELDAC impresses, Trim’s purrfect re-creation plus supporting disaster response anywhere in the […]

Flinders student runs for Tas

More than 25,000 people took part in the City to Bay fun run on Sunday, including Flinders student Alistair Fleming, who is raising funds to purchase […]

Advance notification - solar shelters

Solar shelters are coming to campus, with four shelters being installed in key locations at Bedford Park. Shelter locations: North of car park 2 Two shelters […]

Celebrating success

International accolades for digital health authority, votes open for national book award (with Flinders doc shortlisted), defence team wins praise in London, and unique SBS show […]