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Dear Colleagues,

As we approach mid-year, I’m reflecting on the collaborative efforts of academic and professional staff, Academic Status holders and clinician educators to improve student assessment in the MD.

MD assessments are designed to support and direct student learning, inform students and staff about the effectiveness of our teaching and ensure that graduates are prepared to practice as safe, competent and undifferentiated doctors. Evaluation activities undertaken during both 2020 and 2021 highlighted the importance of rigorous assessment to all key stakeholders including clinical supervisors, teaching and academic staff and students. In particular, clinical supervisors expressed an interest in assessment on clinical placement that was able to capture their expert knowledge of the developing competencies of medical students. This approach more closely aligned with the Australian Medical Council domains and standards and the current method for assessing interns. This evaluation initiated a flurry of activity and feedback from staff and clinicians. Dr James Thompson summarises one of the developments below and Dr Cyle Sprick gives an example of successful assessment changes in Acute Care teaching.

As you continue to scroll through this newsletter, make sure you stop at Angela Binns’ update about the Simulated Learning Environment (previously known as the Clinical Skills and Simulation Unit). Angela and the Technical Services Team manage and maintain numerous teaching and research spaces for the CMPH and coordinate practical sessions for MD students, including clinical skills, anatomy practicals, and assessments including the Year 3 OSCE. Thank you, Angela and the entire Technical Services Team, for your tireless and amazing work!

In addition to MD teaching, CMPH is currently processing renewal applications for a significant number of Academic Status holders. The College has over 1000 Academic Status holders contributing to research and teaching programs. If you are teaching into the MD and don’t have Academic Status yet, please contact the Clinician Support Team to find out more and apply.

Lastly, I would like to thank all status holders and clinicians in the MD teaching team – our students, academic and professional staff all value your ongoing contribution to the program.


Dr Michal Wozniak
Acting  Director,  Medical Program (MD)
Flinders University

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