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Dear Colleagues,

I have some very positive news to share. The results from the most recent Student Experience Survey (SES), undertaken in 2021, show significant improvements in the overall quality of educational experience, teaching quality and student support in the Doctor of Medicine (MD) and Bachelor of Clinical Sciences/ Doctor of Medicine (BCS/MD).

Once a year, current students and recent graduates of Australian higher education institutions are asked to complete this survey. The results include both quantitative data (as shown in the graph below) and individual student comments.

View a larger, PDF version of the SES data


When asked about the best aspects of the medical program, MD students gratefully acknowledged the contributions of many members of our College:

“I appreciate the valuable time some consultants and other medical team members give to us to help us learn”

“Passionate staff, teaching from experienced clinicians, lots of opportunities for hands on learning… I feel I’m being prepared well to succeed in my future career”

“The quality of teaching has been exemplary. We have constant access to experts and the rural placement has been fantastic”

“Special thanks to all of the medical practitioners who have supported and taught me clinical medical (sic) through the years”

“This is a placement year and it is high quality learning no matter how you slice it. There are some very passionate clinicians who go out of their way to teach us”

“The highlight has been the mentorship of the majority of senior doctors at the hospitals and clinics we train at. They are knowledgeable, passionate and inspiring. I appreciate the time and effort they have put into furthering my knowledge and skills”

Data like this help us to evaluate the MD and provide direction for quality improvements. We are already making the transition to internship and work-readiness more robust for Year 4 students, while ensuring that admissions processes are effective and meaningful. Our focus on assessment has also increased rigour and alignment with AMC standards.

I would like to thank the entire MD team, including academic and professional staff, Academic Status holders and clinicians for your hard work over the last few years, especially with the challenges that covid-19 has presented. Our student centredness, and commitment to teaching tomorrows’ doctors, is reflected in these survey results and we can feel proud of our progress and achievements.


Dr Michal Wozniak
Acting  Director, Medical Program (MD)
Flinders University

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