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Dear Colleagues,

Last week we ran our Year 3 Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) coordinated across SA and NT, examining 172 students. The OSCE consisted of 8 active stations, with 12 minutes per station (96 minutes per student of test time). Stations covered areas of acute care, primary care, child health, women’s health, mental health, general medicine and general surgery. For the past three years, our approach has remained domains-based and generalist, with three out of 5 domains (history taking, physical examination, clinical reasoning/ judgement, management, communication/ counselling) being tested in each station. Currently we are analysing the results and once complete, we will share some of the data with you.

The OSCE is a major hurdle assessment in the MD for our students before they enter their final pre-internship year. It is a way for healthcare professionals and our students to communicate in a very standardized way the level of knowledge and skill expected by the MD Program before entering a year for intern-preparedness.  I would like to thank all the academic and professional staff, Academic Status holders and clinicians who contributed to this important assessment. A list of case writers, examiners, nurses, academic and professional staff is included below.

We have been receiving written feedback on the OSCE and individual stations from you since last week, which is extremely helpful in making improvements for the years ahead. Please continue providing feedback at: https://qualtrics.flinders.edu.au/jfe/form/SV_3f2rNatIhLMSDfE.

Thank you for teaching and supporting Flinders University medical students throughout the year. Our partnership has never been more important, and I look forward to another productive year in 2023, shaping our future medical workforce together.

If you have questions about the Flinders medical course, or would like to discuss teaching in your department, unit or practice, please don’t hesitate to contact email clinicians@flinders.edu.au.

On behalf of the Flinders MD staff and medical students, I wish you a safe and happy festive season.

Regards, Michal

Dr Michal Wozniak
Director, Medical Program (MD)
Flinders University


MD Year 3 Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the 2022 MD Year 3 Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE). Special thanks to:

OSCE Case Writers

  • Dr Anthony Khoo
  • Dr Anya Hotinski
  • Professor Bill Heddle
  • Dr Elaine Leung
  • Dr Felix Tan (2 cases)
  • Associate Professor Gillian Marshman
  • Dr Graham Williams
  • Dr Gregory McAnulty
  • Associate Professor Jordan Li
  • Dr Joshua Inglis
  • Dr Kishan Pandithage
  • Professor Michael Baigent (3 cases)
  • Dr Namiko Aleker (2 cases)
  • Dr Noha Soliman
  • Dr Phoenix Smith
  • Rebecca Stengewis
  • Dr Romany Erwin
  • Dr Russell Laver
  • Dr Sajith Kesavan Nayar
  • Associate Professor Sarah Thompson
  • Associate Professor Savio Barreto (5 cases)

OSCE Examiners – Adelaide

  • Dr Aabha Kalro
  • Dr Adrian Griscti
  • Dr Alexander Siviour
  • Dr Amir Kosarnia
  • Dr Anand Lahiri
  • Dr Andrew Kiu
  • Dr Angela Chen
  • Dr Anthony Chitti
  • Dr Anthony Khoo
  • Dr Bahija Khanom
  • Belinda Olsen
  • Professor Bill Heddle
  • Associate Professor Carmine de Pasquale
  • Dr Carolyn Miller
  • Dr Charlotte Paull
  • Dr Charmaine Gray
  • Dr Chris Liyanage
  • Associate Professor Chris Wilson
  • Dr David Schultz
  • Professor David Watson
  • Dr Deepa Jeyaseelan
  • Dr Derek Louey
  • Dr Dylan Jones
  • Dr Elinor Atkinson
  • Dr Elvis Seman
  • Dr Emma Kelso
  • Dr Emma Whitham
  • Dr Felix Tan
  • Associate Professor George Barreto
  • Dr Heidi Newton
  • Dr Inta Rudaks
  • Dr Jack Loftus
  • Dr James Gunton
  • Dr Jessica Gehlert
  • Dr Joanna Rutzen
  • Dr Jonathan Brailey
  • Professor Joseph Selvanayagam
  • Dr Josephine Harris
  • Dr Kate Starr-Marshall
  • Dr Kathryn Tiver
  • Dr Majo Joseph
  • Professor Malcolm Battersby
  • Dr Malithi Hauser
  • Dr Matt Willcourt
  • Professor Michael Baigent
  • Professor Michael Shanahan
  • Dr Mitul Chavda
  • Dr Natalie Payne
  • Dr Nicole Lewis
  • Dr Peter Michelmore
  • Dr Petra Bos
  • Dr Richard Wood
  • Associate Professor Robert O’Shea
  • Dr Russell Laver
  • Associate Professor Sarah Thompson
  • Dr Sarath Attanayake
  • Dr Scott Lewis
  • Dr Steven Due
  • Dr Sue Kennedy-Andrews
  • Dr Udul Hewage
  • Dr Vineet Juneja
  • Associate Professor Zoe Adey-Wakeling

OSCE Examiners – Darwin

  • Dr Arullan Naidoo
  • Dr Bronywn Jackson
  • Dr Domenic Lapaglia
  • Dr Graham Williams
  • Dr Greg McAnulty
  • Associate Professor Gurmeet Singh
  • Dr Josephine Tchia
  • Dr Namiko Aleker
  • Dr Phoenix Smith
  • Dr Sajith Nayar
  • Dr Sarah Dorrington
  • Dr Sarah Lynar
  • Dr Suraj Rathnayake
  • Dr Tamoor Mirza
  • Dr Te-Yu Hung
  • Dr William Majoni
  • Dr Zoe Radford

Nurses – Adelaide

  • Louella Bailey
  • Sandra Crockett
  • Sarah Dawson
  • Rebecca Stengewis

Nurses – Darwin

  • Amy Cullen
  • Mary Noah

Academic and Professional Leads and Facilitators

  • Amanda Bodman
  • Angela Binns
  • Ann Schloithe
  • Arisa Stone
  • Carla Ambrose
  • Carolyn Lake
  • Chloe Bosman
  • Claire Rioult
  • Clare Mee
  • Dr Cyle Sprick
  • David Newman
  • Denise Caretti
  • Elise Tucker
  • Dr Ella Stewart Peters
  • Elke Eckhard
  • Emma Widdison-Duke
  • Erin Simpson
  • Dr Felix Tan
  • Fiona Bertrand
  • Gill Paynter
  • Heather Kirk
  • Jacqui Michalski
  • Jayne Siegele
  • Jenni Thiel
  • Dr Josie Tchia
  • Karen Kurnoth
  • Kerri Lord
  • Kerry Cole
  • Kushari Burns
  • Lara Escane
  • Les Scott
  • Dr Liz Beare
  • Marie O’Shae
  • Matthew Bampton
  • Michelle Scott
  • Natalie Dall
  • Paul Bampton
  • Peng Su
  • Sam Cribb
  • Sarah Bevington
  • Sarah Schneider
  • Dr Sheela Joseph
  • Swetha Sequeira
  • Tori Edmonds
  • Tracy Nicholls
  • Vanessa Weippert
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