Appreciation posts, thanks from the Flinders MD

Help us to acknowledge and thank the people who make the Flinders MD great by sharing your reflections or nominating a colleague for an appreciation post.

Responses are encouraged from all academic and professional staff, Academic Status holders, clinicians and educators contributing to the Flinders MD.

Nominate a colleague: please email your nomination to

Share your reflections: complete and submit this online questionnaire

Prefer to respond via email? please email and send a photo with your reflections and/or responses to these questions:

  1. How long have you been involved with the Flinders medical course?
  2. When you first became involved with the Flinders medical course, what initial impressions made you proud?
  3. What do you enjoy most about your role/s in the Flinders medical course?
  4. Tell us about a peak experience or high point with the Flinders medical course. This would be a time when you felt most alive, most engaged, or really proud of yourself or your work. What was it about you, the situation, the organisation, and the leadership that allowed that peak experience to emerge?
  5. What do you value most about yourself, your work, and your contribution to the Flinders medical course?
  6. When have you most felt like your work was part of a positive force in the world, when you felt an alignment among your principles, purpose, and practices? Tell a story about what you were doing.
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