Understanding the needs and expectations of Clinician Educators

In partnership with the Clinical Advisory Group (CAG)

Clinical placement is an integral and highly valued component of the Flinders MD, which is made possible with the dedicated support of Clinician Educators. An important area of the MD evaluation process was to obtain feedback on the best way forward to support clinicians as educators in the MD Program. In order to achieve these two goals, the MD Directorate partnered with the Clinical Advisory Group (CAG). The CAG was established by the MD Program Board (the Board) to provide the board with expert advice in the areas of clinical practice and clinical currency. The current membership of the CAG, which constitutes a large group of representatives from across Flinders University metropolitan, rural, and remote areas, is chaired by Professor Bill Heddle, Senior Consultant Cardiologist, Flinders Medical Centre.

To clarify the needs and expectations of Clinician Educators supporting Flinders MD students, the decision taken based on a discussion (by the MD Directorate) with the CAG members was to carry out a survey. This survey focused on three main areas to gain a better understanding of the perceptions/ opinions of Clinician Educators, including:

  1. whether they feel supported by the University in their role
  2. whether they would value educational resources to help them in their role and how they would prefer this to be delivered
  3. providing general feedback about students on clinical placement

The Qualtrics survey was prepared by Susanne Pearce, (Evaluation Coordinator) and Denise Caretti in consultation with the MD Directorate and disseminated via email by:

  • Clinicians Support Team to all clinical placement supervisors and placement key contacts in Adelaide metro (including GPs)
  • MDRS Program Administrators to MDRS clinical placement supervisors in SA regional locations
  • NT Medical Program (NTMP) Program Manager to their clinical placement supervisors

Responses were collected for 4-weeks with a follow up email  sent 1 week prior to the stated deadline. A report of the survey findings has been prepared and circulated for comment amongst the CAG membership. This report (and its recommendations) will be submitted to the MD Program Board in the New Year. On receiving the approval of the MD Program Board, the report will be made available through the MD Pulse Newsletter.

A/Prof S. George Barreto, FRACS, PhD
Deputy Director, Flinders MD

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