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Work-based Peer Review of Clinical Supervision Practice
Work-based Peer Review of Clinical Supervision Practice

In order to provide accessible professional development around quality supervision in the workplace, Helen Wozniak Academic Director e-Learning and Evaluation, and Narelle Campbell Director Clinical & Inter-professional Education, at Flinders NT have commenced a series of interactive lunchtime seminars.

The topics covered to date focused on tapping into peers as a resource for professional development. Using the Work-based Peer Review of Clinical Supervision Practice resource they developed in 2014, and supported by the video resources they created in 2015, they have delivered 2 sessions.

The first session unpacked the peer review tool and participants practiced using the tool with a scenario. The second session asked participants to critically consider decisions they need to make when implementing the peer review process in their workplace. These sessions stemmed from the interest shown when Narelle and Helen presented the resource at Royal Darwin Hospital Grand Rounds earlier in the year.

Upcoming sessions will focus on micro skills used by supervisors to enable successful quality workplace-based learning.

Held at the Flinders building on the Royal Darwin Hospital campus, the topics will be:
•    June 3: Planning workplace learning
•    Aug 12: Engaging learners – The one minute Preceptor
•    Sept 2: Engaging learners – Teaching a clinical skill
•    Oct 7: Supporting learners in difficulty

This series builds on the successful FlindersNT inter-professional clinical skills workshops that were funded through Health Workforce Australia (HWA) and Greater Northern Australia Regional Training Network (GNARTN) as a collaboration with staff in Central Australia and the NT Department of Health.

Plans are underway to extend the availability across the NT using webinar technology, trialled successfully with over 100 participants in late 2015.  To register for webinars contact narelle.campbell@flinders.edu.au


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