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Patient-Perspective Care by Professor Tim Carey

Professor Tim Carey, Fulbright Scholar and Director the Flinders University Centre for Remote Health, has been made a board member and fellow of the Australian Psychological Society.

Based at Antioch University New England in leafy New Hampshire, Professor Carey is currently investigating more equitable global health systems as the Northern Territory Fulbright Senior Scholar for 2017-2018.

He is also completing a new book entitled Patient-Perspective Care: A new paradigm for health systems and services, to be published by Routledge in December 2017.

The book describes the worldwide problem of inappropriate health care, which leads to overuse of ineffective treatments and the underuse of simple and inexpensive interventions which result in billions of dollars of wasted health services annually.

Common in both low and middle-income countries, inappropriate health care can also harm patients.

Professor Carey’s Fulbright project is investigating ways in which ongoing monitoring and feedback could become a part of routine service provision in remote health contexts.

“This is vitally important work in helping to ensure that service delivery is of a high standard and benefiting the people to whom it is being provided,” Professor Carey says.

“Part of the project includes exploring the development of productive partnerships between service providers and established researchers and evaluators who act as external facilitators to assist in building localised bases of evidence.”

The new book outlines why the ethos of patient-centred care has failed, provides a theoretical framework and justification for patient-perspective care, details some of the implications of a patient-perspective approach, describes a specific example of a patient-perspective service, and includes the perspectives of five patients regarding their experiences with health services.

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