2017 Winner Gayle Woodford Memorial Scholarship

Emma Bugden

Congratulations to Emma Bugden, 2017 winner of the Gayle Woodford Memorial Scholarship, jointly sponsored by CRANAplus and the Centre for Remote Health.

Emma began her Nursing career as an Enrolled Nurse in 2011 and went on to qualify as a Registered Nurse in 2014. Emma has lived and worked in regional and remote areas for the majority of her life and raised her family as a sole parent during her studies. She requested Alice Springs for her eight-week undergraduate placement, and accepted a graduate position at the Alice Springs Hospital rather than a city based hospital. She began as a Project Manager/Research Nurse with Menzies School of Health Research in September 2015 and is also currently a clinical facilitator for Flinders University nursing students undertaking placements in Central Australia. She is a Stage 3 candidate for the 2017 Australian College of Nursing Emerging Nurse Leader program and expects to be complete with a High Achiever’s Award next month.

Emma is passionate about nursing as a profession and she intends to consolidate her clinical practice while studying the Graduate Certificate in Remote Health Practice to prepare for working as a Remote Area Nurse (RAN). The Gayle Woodford Memorial Scholarship covers the fees for this course.

“Remote and Indigenous Health is a unique area of nursing practice. Living and working in communities with consistently poor health outcomes and ongoing socioeconomic difficulties can be both challenging and rewarding. I believe the Graduate Certificate in Remote Health Practice is an essential step to ensuring I have the experience and knowledge to be a safe practitioner in this unique, vulnerable and rewarding setting”.

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