Remote Health Experience 2018

Aboriginal story telling at Remote Health Experience

More than 80 health professional students, including medical, nursing, pharmacy and allied health gathered at the Charles Darwin University (CDU) rural campus near Katherine for the Remote Health Experience (RHE) weekend on the 23-25 March 2018.

The weekend was organised by Flinders NT in collaboration with CDU and Bachelor Institute with representatives from Wurli-Wurlinjang, Sunrise Aboriginal Health Services and Katherine Regional Hospital.

During the Remote Health Experience participants had to opportunity to learn and problem-solve with other health professionals. They attended a variety of sessions on remote health with perspectives from different health professions and a number of interactive stations with remote or emergency scenarios.

They also had the opportunity to learn from a group from the Bantjarl Stongbala Wumins Grup (women’s group), who told stories around a camp fire on the first night, and discussed kinship systems and bush medicine on the Sunday.

Participants provided the following feedback on their experience

The weekend was an amazing experience. This opportunity exposed me to the reality to working remote and has motivated me to keep going with my career.

This was an incredible retreat and I have a much better understanding of the different health professions and how we all need to work together.

The kinship experience was extremely valuable. I definitely have a better understanding of the complexities.

By far my favourite part of the trip was the Aboriginal cultural learning and listening to the Banatjarl women.

I really enjoyed my experience as it covered so many areas without being full on. The staff were all really supportive and encouraging and didn’t expect too much from us first year students.

Thank you to everyone involved.

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