Re-injecting the ‘caring’ into medical studies

NTMP Year 1 students

On Friday 26th October, a number of Flinders NT Medical Program (NTMP) staff at Charles Darwin University hosted a ‘fun away from medicine’ morning for our Year 1 students. A number of activities and competitions were organised and equipment was donated by the staff. These included a ping pong table, which lead to a very lively and competitive tournament, Pictionary and a prize for the best hat.

However and most importantly, there was a fantastic array of food (healthy and not so healthy), critical for total well-being. Academics and staff care holistically about our students. One of the advantages of being a small group is that we know our students well and assisting them to reach the end of Year 2 before moving onto the Royal Darwin Hospital campus, knowledgeable, confident and ready for what lies ahead, is our aim. If the noise level was any indication of the success, then it was a success!

Hat Competition
Hat Competition
Pictionary and Ping Pong
Pictionary and Ping Pong

On Monday 12th November the amazing Year 1 students, hosted an enthusiastic ‘thank you’ lunch for the NTMP staff with some amazing chefs showing their ‘prowess in the kitchen’, in particular profiterole making!

Flinders NT encourages solidarity and wellbeing among students and staff.

Everyone feels, learns and teaches better if they know that their efforts are appreciated.

Thank you to all students and we encourage you all to take time in the upcoming break to recharge your batteries in preparation for another huge year in 2019.


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