Fellowship awarded to Central Australian Pharmacist for the first time

Danny Tsai

Congratulations to Dr Danny Tsai who is the first Central Australian based pharmacist to be awarded a fellowship by the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA).  About 75% of all hospital pharmacists in Australia are SHPA members with approximately only 10 fellowships being awarded each year.

Currently working as the Antimicrobial Stewardship pharmacist at the Alice Springs Hospital, Danny is also the Rural Pharmacy Liaison Officer (RPLO) at the Centre for Remote Health. His RPLO position focuses on coordinating student placements, promoting rural pharmacy practice and providing support to local pharmacists to access education.

Danny is passionate about improving clinical pharmacy service in the remote environment and dedicated to finding the optimal therapy for Indigenous patients. He is also committed to his own professional development in order to provide quality service to patients and other health care professionals. After completing a Graduate Diploma in Clinical Pharmacy, in 2017 he went on to complete his PhD on Optimising antibiotic dosing in critically ill Indigenous patients, conducting his research in Alice Springs as a remote student.

Danny has published numerous articles related to his research and presented at a number of national and international conferences. He also provides regular evidence-based education to doctors, pharmacists and allied health professionals at the Alice Springs Hospital.

“I think it’s important for healthcare professionals working in a remote/rural area who make an impact on patient management and the health outcome to be recognised for their work, as there are many unsung heroes out there!”, says Danny.

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